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Perfect fusion of Hranipex edges and Pfleiderer boards

We have created a new collection of edges for you so that it blends perfectly with the new Pfleiderer 2021-24 laminated boards.

Perfect fusion of Hranipex edges and Pfleiderer boards

We are the ones who have paid the most attention to one key thing - harmony. That's why we now bring you perfectly identical edge decors for the Pfleiderer 2021-24 collection. Including its EXPRESS section. In the collection you will find stylish, distinctive, and at the same time unobtrusive decors and colors that correspond to current trends. .

The new surface of the boards marked SD (Sandpearl) will captivate you with its sand-bead structure. Fine grains are precise and sharply processed. It is precisely these properties that we have transferred to our edges in perfect harmony. You will not find a difference between the board and the edge in the surface treatment either. .

We have more than 600 decors from this collection in stock for you. Discover them all - decors that offer you inspiration, ideas and, above all, a choice. .

We cover the EXPRESS collection completely in the following dimensions:

  • 23/43*1 mm
  • 23/43*2 mm

We also offer a large part of the collection in the following dimensions:

  • 33*1 mm
  • 33*2 mm

View selected edge decors, or visit our e-shop and discover them all.