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Veneer 1mm

Discover a new dimension of quality. Luxury furniture veneers now in 1mm thickness.

Veneer edges play a crucial role in ...


Edges for new Kronospan products
Cooperation between professionals – great results guaranteed!
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Around the world with Hranipex!

This year an incredible 23 years have passed since the foundation of our firm. We are proud of the fact that over time our furniture edges, adhesives and cleaning products have found their way to more than 60 different countries,  starting with neighbouring states and ending with those at the other end of the world. Let's take a look at those where you can find our products. 


Children's creativity is the best inspiration for furniture manufacturers

We all know how playful children can be and what fantasy they have. The environment they grow up in should correspond with it and should support their creativity as much as possible.

Today, we chose products from several creators who have tried their best to come as near as possible to children's wishes and needs.

Design tips: Wood design lamps deliver a warm touch to every interior

Today, we bring you inspiration for lamps in which manufacture plays a major role. Design lamps bring classic material in a less traditional conception. Be inspired...

Comparison of Top 10 Furniture Design Trends 2015-2016

The start of a new year always brings reviewing and expectations of what the next period will bring. The following comparison presents which trends persist and which are blown away by the wind into the past.

Design tips: Playful swings are trendy

Stylish and original playful elements begin to push ahead in modern interiors. Even a restrained minimalistic design with an idea can bring a breath of fresh air into the furniture industry. We bring you the first part of our planned series of articles about design furniture, where we are going to pursue an interesting, untraditional way of sitting – a swing!

Copperfield’s Mastery of Optical Illusion

How to surprise and attract attention in times that are so full of diversity? When choosing furniture, a demanding customer strives not only for top class quality, but also for uniqueness and a possibility of self-expression.

A Bird’s Eye View

As with many problems, if you look at them from a different angle you can discover a solution. Even opinions can change depending on an examination of the issue from various perspectives. When seen from their foot, mountains seem even higher and more distant. On the contrary, the saying goes that the world from a bird’s eye view looks entirely different and can be assessed with levity.

Autumn Trade Fair Harvest

In autumn, Czech farmers and gardeners harvest the fruits of their year long labour and make plans for the forthcoming season. Many of these aspects are shared by trade fairs, which are held in large amounts in the months of autumn. The ending season is reviewed on both a local and international level while old and potential new business partners meet at the exhibition stands. At the same time, exhibitors contend in presenting the latest novelties, trends and plans for the coming year.