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AdvantEdge® Hot-Air: Solution with more than one advantage available immediately

AdvantEdge® are edges for Hot-Air edge banding, with a precisely matched core color and functional layer, which you can now order in more than 1,800 decors.

AdvantEdge® Hot-Air: Solution with more than one advantage available immediately

With Hot-Air edge banding you will get perfect results. This means that the joint is essentially invisible. That’s why some of you have already introduced this technology into production or are considering it. And with us, you will find all the edges you need.

We care about you. We have decided to make Hot-Air edges available to all who need them. Under the brand name AdvantEdge®, we have prepared for you 73 decors that we keep in stock and you can order from 1m. We will send these edges to you within 24 hours. Do not hesitate and choose here.

If you don't choose from stock decors, don't despair. We have developed AdvantEdge® in such a way that we can apply its Hot-Air layer on any ABS or acrylic edge in our Hranipex collection. All you have to do is choose one of more than 1,800 décors. We always carefully match the polymer layer such a way, that it fits perfectly to the shade of the edge. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need to prepare such an AdvantEdge®.

Advantages of Hot-Air edge banding compared with conventional EVA- and APAO-based hot adhesives:

  • The invisible joint between the board and edge thanks to a functional layer individually coloured with the same shade as the edge used,
  • colour of layer matched with any décor,
  • higher heat resistance of glued join compared to EVA and APAO glues,
  • easy and effective edge banding process due to the absence of common difficulties associated with the use of adhesives.

Advantages of using AdvantEdge® in the production of furniture parts compared to lacquered parts:

  • The glued part is an alternative to MDF painted parts,
  • shorter delivery times - without the need to follow technological procedures and breaks, which requires the application of paint on MDF,
  • lower acquisition costs - a significant reduction in labor associated with the technological process and breaks in painting,
  • lower costs for painting boxes and painting technologies, as well as for their operation,
  • more environmentally friendly technology compared to painting.

You can achieve perfect edge banding with zero joint already today. Take advantage of all the benefits that AdvantEdge® brings you.