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Behrens & Wöhlk Group

Comparative tables of ABS and melamine edgebanding

H15 Bütten BeColor

U23 Perle BeColor

  • HU 122507 - ABS Beige Pearl XG - 22x0,45mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 43x1mm, 43x2mm, 205x1mm, 205x2mm, 275x0,45mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued

U61 Perle BeColor

U77 Perle BeColor

  • HU 17035 - ABS Grey Pearl XG HotAir - 23x1mm AdvE, 23x2mm AdvE
  • HU 17035 - ABS Grey Pearl XG - 15x2mm, 19x2mm, 22x0,45mm, 22x0,7mm, 22x0,8mm, 22x1mm, 22x2mm, 23x0,45mm, 23x1mm, 23x2mm, 28x1mm, 28x2mm, 28x3mm, 32x1mm, 32x2mm, 33x0,45mm, 33x1mm, 33x2mm, 42x0,45mm, 42x1mm, 42x2mm, 43x1mm, 43x2mm, 55x2mm, 205x0,7mm, 205x0,8mm, 205x2mm, 405x0,45mm, 405x1mm, 22x0,45mm Preglued, 22x0,7mm Preglued, 23x0,45mm Preglued, 42x0,45mm Preglued

W10 Perle BeColor