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Veneer edges

Veneer edges made from natural materials are used especially together with chipboards to imitate solid furniture.

Veneer edges are commonly made of all types of veneer. There are several types of veneer – thin with glue, thin with fleece and layered veneers. Layered veneers, made by compressing several layers together are more resistant and therefore suitable for more exposed parts of the furniture.

HD 71010 - Beech Veneer Fleece

17mm, 23mm, 30mm CW, 35mm, 43mm, 50mm

HD 72010 - American Cherry Veneer

23mm Fleece, 43mm Fleece

HD 74010 - American Oak Veneer

17mm Fleece, 23mm Fleece, 25mm Fleece, 30mm Fleece, 35mm Fleece, 43mm Fleece, 50mm Fleece, 60mm Fleece, 65mm Fleece