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Melamine edges

Laminate edges are suitable for less exposed parts of furniture. These edges match the laminate boards of leading producers.


We supply coloured laminate edges as well as wood design laminate edges

HU 30113 - White Smooth

16mm MC, 17mm, 17mm MC, 19mm MC, 22mm MC, 25mm, 25mm MC, 30mm MC, 32mm MC, 35mm MC, 40mm MC, 45mm, 45mm MC, 640mm MC, 16mm Preglued, 16mm Preglued MC, 17mm Preglued, 17mm Preglued MC, 19mm Preglued, 19mm Preglued MC, 22mm Preglued, 22mm Preglued MC, 40mm Preglued, 40mm Preglued MC, 45mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued MC

HU 30113 - White Pearl

22mm, 22mm, 45mm, 45mm, 640mm 450mm, 640mm MC, 22mm PG MC, 45mm Preglued, 45mm PG MC

HU 30113 - White Pore

22mm, 45mm, 640mm 450mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued

HU 30140 - White Blind Smooth

22mm, 23mm, 42mm, 45mm, 640mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued

HD 41045 - Beech Pearl

22mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued

HD 411032 - Donau Beech Pearl

22mm, 640mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued

HD 41381 - Bavarian Beech Pore

22mm, 45mm, 525mm, 22mm Preglued, 45mm Preglued