Hraniclean KLZ 21 Slipping Agent

Hraniclean - KLZ 21 Slipping Agent

Hraniclean KLZ 21 Slipping Agent

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5 L
20 L

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The low-viscosity Hraniclean 
KLZ 21 lubricant is used to facilitate work when processing solid wood. When applied to planing tables, it prevents unwanted adhesion of dirt due to the thin, long-acting coating.

Examples of use:
  • Glider for planing tables
  • Cleaning effects on resins, Vaseline


The greening agent Hraniclean KLZ 21 serves to reduce the adhesion of dirt on planing tables, dirt in the form of resins can be effectively cleaned. This will make it easier to process not only solid wood without unwanted lubrication of the surface. It can damage some rubber seals or rubber parts.

Hraniclean KLZ 21 is fully biodegradable in nature.

Packaging and storage:

Store in the original closed package. Shelf life 24 months from the date of filling in the original sealed packaging.


It is enough to apply only a few drops of Hraniclean KLZ 21 lubricant to the surface and spread it well over the entire surface, for example with a textile cloth, if necessary, repeat the procedure after a certain time. Large amounts of the product on the table surface can have a negative impact on the subsequent processing of the material, especially in the case of pickling, painting or varnishing.

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