Hraniclean 03 Uncured PUR Cleaner

Hraniclean - 03 Uncured PUR Cleaner

Hraniclean 03 Uncured PUR Cleaner

Technical Data Sheet - Download

Hraniclean 03 is primarily used for cleaning tools from PUR  
glue, but it can also be used for the removal of polyurethane foam. Cleans and dissolves uncured adhesives, releases cured adhesives.

Examples of use:

  • manual cleaning
  • cleaning tools
  • release of cured PUR adhesive
  • washing uncured adhesive
  • removal of PUR foam


Hraniclean 03 clear cleaning agent is used to clean tools that get rid of adhesives based on polyurethanes (PUR) and other plastics. Uncured PUR-based adhesive washes away to release the cured adhesive. Another use of the Hraniclean 03 cleaning agent is the removal of PUR foam.

Before removing the PUR adhesive from other materials, the cleaning agent must first be tested.

Packaging and storage:

Store in the original closed package. Shelf life 36 months from the date of filling in the original sealed packaging at a temperature of 20 ° C.


For cleaning with Hraniclean 03, it is advisable to use a textile or paper towel. Test the product before use.

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