702 RI 702 Sisal Disc

702 - RI 702 Sisal Disc

702 RI 702 Sisal Disc

For Cleaning 160/50

Riepe sisal disc for gluing machines.

Examples of use:

  • final finishing of the glued part
  • removal of protruding material residues
  • smooths the material, polishes the edge
  • elimination of stress-whitening effect - helps eliminate white coating after processing


The cloth-sisal lamella disc has brushes located in a cast clamping core. Its slats are assembled in order: 3 x cloth and 1 x sisal. The cloth in the lamella absorbs the previously applied cleaning agent LP 163/93 . Sisal then polishes the radius of the edge.

Diameter 160 mm
Width 25 mm
Diameter of the inner hole 50 mm

Packing and storage:

Store in a dry place.


The discs are suitable for all types of thermoplastic gluing machines. In addition, in combination with the cleaning agent LP 163/93, they have a very long service life.

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