HRANITHERM 600.31 White

HRANITHERM - 600.31 White

HRANITHERM 600.31 White

Unfilled hot-melt white adhesive based on EVA in granules is intended for gluing furniture edges. It is suitable for soft-forming and for IMA and HOMAG centers.

Examples of use:
  • gluing ABS edges with primer
  • gluing of laminated edges
  • gluing veneer edges
  • gluing of PVC and PP edges
  • soft-forming


Hranitherm 600.31 hot melt adhesive based on EVA in white is suitable for gluing edges on gluing machines with a higher feed rate. It excels in high heat resistance, short open time, and high strength of the glued joint. Also available in transparent ( Hranitherm 600.30 ) and black (Hranitherm 600.39).

Brookfield viscosity (200 ° C s27 / 2 rpm) 50,000-80,000 mPas
Softening point (ring and ball) 105–115 ° C
Density at 20 ° C 1.05 g / cm 3
Suitable working conditions:
temperature Roller temperature
Material moisture
Ideal feed rate
Pressure on the pressure rollers
° C
° C
m / min
kg / cm 2


Packing and storage:

Store in the original package. When stored in closed containers in a cool and dry place at a temperature up to 20 ° C, it has a shelf life of 24 months.


When using hot melt adhesive, maintain the application temperature and check it regularly by measuring on a roller or nozzle. The temperature indicated on the control panel of the gluing machine may be different from the actual temperature. A lower adhesive temperature can affect the length of the open time and consequently reduce the quality of the bonded joint. At higher temperatures, the adhesive degrades with effect on color, viscosity, and adhesion. When gluing various types of materials, we recommend regular testing of the strength and quality of glue. The recommended ambient and material temperature is 15-25 ° C.

Clean the remaining adhesive on the furniture parts with Hraniclean 01 (08) . Use Jowat 236.50 in the melting trays

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