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HRANICOLL Hranicoll D4

HRANICOLL - Hranicoll D4

HRANICOLL Hranicoll D4


High-quality dispersion adhesive is resistant to water and high temperatures. You can use it outdoors on materials exposed to the weather.


Examples of use:

  • gluing window frames
  • gluing of soft and hardwood
  • gluing joints inboards
  • bonding of surface surfaces


Hranicoll D4 is a one-component water-based dispersion adhesive and has wide applicability. Due to its resistance, the adhesive is especially suitable for segmented profiles, window prisms, and window edges.

Room, material and adhesive temperature 18–22 ° C
Relative air humidity 60–70 %
Wood moisture (should correlate with later wood moisture):
Indoor use approx.
Outdoor use approx
11 - 15
Application rate: depending on the application 80–150 g / m²
Pressing pressure for stress-free workpieces 0.1–1 N / mm 2
Minimum pressing time:
Lamination of window prisms
Assembly gluing

Packing and storage:

Store in the original, tightly closed container. Shelf life is
9 months from the date of manufacture if properly stored. Protect the product from frost and temperatures above 25 ° C.

Prolonged storage of the adhesive may increase the viscosity, in which case we recommend
mixing the product before use. This fact does not affect the adhesive properties of the product.


When working with wood, first plan the wood properly and remove it from dust and grease, as surface irregularities cause a longer setting time and less mechanical strength.

Apply Hranicoll D4 to one or both sides with standard application tools. The amount of adhesive applied depends on the absorbency and surface properties of the bonded materials. The temperature, humidity, absorbency of the material, the weight of the coating, and the stress inside the material have different effects on the open time, the setting time, and the pressing time. Heat accelerates the solidification process and shortens the open time. During the open time, the parts are joined and pressed, apply the glue at a temperature above +12 ° C.

After use, you can clean machines and equipment with cold or warm water using Hraniclean 07 cleaning concentrate