Application gun for Hranifix contact adhesive.

Examples of use:

You can use the gun to apply contact glue from large pressure vessels.


Prepare bonded surfaces so that they are dry, clean, free of grease and dust.

Using a gun, apply an even thin layer of glue to both glued surfaces without any problems.   If the layer is too thick, the adhesive would spill. The ideal joint will be achieved with a coverage of 80 to 100% of the surface. With the optimal application, the adhesive will form a cobweb-like coating on the surface.

To adjust the gun settings, turn the wheel located behind the trigger.

The larger the area to which the spray is applied, the farther away you hold the nozzle of the gun.

Put the glued materials together after the solvent has evaporated, making sure that the glue is dry to the touch and does not stick to the fingers (after approximately 30-60 seconds).

Press the materials evenly together with a roller.