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HRANIFIX Contact Adhesive SMART

HRANIFIX - Contact Adhesive SMART

HRANIFIX Contact Adhesive SMART

17 kg
500ml Aerosol

Technical Data Sheet - Download

Contact adhesive for bonding a wide range of materials and surfaces. It has a higher heat resistance and is waterproof. It is applied simply by spraying.

Examples of use:
  • wood gluing
  • gluing MDF and chipboard
  • gluing polyurethane foam
  • bonding most plastics
  • bonding of aluminum sheets
  • bonding of most metals


You can use the high-quality Hranifix Smart industrial adhesive for gluing various materials. The connection is firm within minutes. The adhesive is waterproof and can withstand even higher temperatures.

The dry matter content of the adhesive is 28-32%.

The adhesive does not smell, is waterproof, and can withstand high temperatures up to 105 ° C.

The glue is colorless.

Packing and storage:

Store the adhesive in the original packaging in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sunlight and temperatures above 50 ° C. Heating can increase the pressure in the container and cause an explosion. The floor of storage rooms must be impermeable and resistant to solvents.

Properly stored, the adhesive is stable for 18 months.


Hranifix Smart glue is very easy to apply by spraying, it is activated by pressure.

Prior to application, prepare the surface so that it is clean, dry, and free of dust. After surface preparation, you can apply the glue to both glued surfaces. Apply ideally at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C from a distance of 15 to 25 cm from the surface of the bonded material.

You will achieve an ideal joint by covering 80 to 100% of the surface with a thin, even layer of adhesive. If the layer is too thick, the adhesive would spill. With the optimal application, the adhesive will form a cobweb-like coating on the surface.

After application, allow the adhesive to ventilate for about 3 minutes until it is dry to the touch. After the solvent has evaporated, place the glued surfaces together and press or press firmly. For porous materials, you can apply a second coat after ventilation to increase the strength of the joint.

We recommend the cleaning agent Hraniclean 01 for cleaning unwanted adhesive residues.

Before using in production, perform your own tests and test all substrates intended for gluing.

You can order a 3.6 m long pressure hose for the pressure vessels and an application gun.