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Company profile

Company profile

The Hranipex company is important distributor of furniture edges in Central and Eastern Europe. Our product range comprises wide collection of edges as well as a choice of melting, dispersion, mounting and construction adhesives. We top it off with a range of cleaning agents and electronic spraying devices, which will come in handy when treating the furniture pieces. Our expert advice service is available for everyone.

Hranipex was established in 1993. The company has been growing since then and has evolved into what it is now. Our team is driven by the continuous development of our customer-oriented business. Apart from the Czech Republic, Hranipex also has subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and has dealerships in other European countries. Our goal is to grow and penetrate markets in foreign countries and bring customers all the benefits resulting from the expansion.

The Hranipex company philosophy has proven effective; we will remain on that path in the future. Quality, speed, reliability, top service and a professional approach in all matters are the cornerstones of customer satisfaction.

Choose our company to be your supplier. We will prove our qualities in daily work with our customers!